I have a habit of hitting ctrl+s to save the stuff I just typed. In word, in excel, in notepad++... in Joomla! (and all other webapps) this results in a window asking me where to save that web page. I don't want that, I want to save me some time. Yes I know, it is just seconds but I hate to grab for the mouse to save something quickly. And we can do some about it.


How about dropping this in the js folder of your ISIS admin template? Save it as "ctrl_s.js".

jQuery(window).bind('keydown', function(event) {
    if (event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey) {
        switch (String.fromCharCode(event.which).toLowerCase()) {
        case 's':
            var SaveForm = jQuery("button.btn.btn-small.btn-success").attr("onclick");

Now add the following around line 22 in the ISIS admin template root "index.php" file .

$doc->addScriptVersion($this->baseurl . '/templates/' . $this->template . '/js/ctrl_s.js');

Now "CTRL+S" is available for saving your newly created stuff.. all admin pages having a SAVE button now have this feature.

It saves you ...seconds?!

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