Now that comes in handy!

Sometimes we have an urge to change things our way. But we do not want to run in trouble in the future by making irreversible changes. So we create tweaks and sometimes even an extension that doesn't break any. Doing and making these maybe complicated for us, but it should not be complicated for the users working with it. Some changes you may like, some you don't. We love to share these thoughts with you anyway. It just may come in handy one day!

I have a habit of hitting ctrl+s to save the stuff I just typed. In word, in excel, in notepad++... in Joomla! (and all other webapps) this results in a window asking me where to save that web page. I don't want that, I want to save me some time. Yes I know, it is just seconds but I hate to grab for the mouse to save something quickly. And we can do some about it.

Edit and Edit Own to me is somewhat confusing in core Joomla ACL. A user group with setting to Edit Own can still change the status of other peoples articles. That is not what I call expected behaviour.

Many admins are looking for a way to automatically have their module titles translated.
This to avoid creating duplicate modules for each language.

Creating a duplicate per language is the common advice. However there is another way. It does require a bit coding effort.

Notify sends messages on article creation or existing article editing in front end (site) and back end (admin). Messages are sent to:

  • category owners (aka the "created by" user)
  • the user group(s) selected in the plugin parameters

Messaging uses core messages functionality. User(s) receive an email a message has been sent. The email just contains the link to the message component list (com_messages) in the back end. User can open the message and see the url to the added or changed article. The url is admin link.

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