Joomla! is an award winning Content Management System. Very popular with users and developers around the world. Being among the best and most used CMS-es, it is the only one which is fully community driven. Unlike many other Open Source Projects, there is no multimillion dollar company backing it nor is a multimillion dollar company making money with it. Nobody is making money with your data or work without you knowing. It is YOUR cms.


Does it make Joomla! good?

Yes! It makes Joomla! the one enterprise ready CMS. Out of the box it has:

  • multilingual features.
  • versioning of content
  • tagging
  • proper Access Control Lists, different users, different content and functions
  • design is not part of content and functionality
  • ..
  • It allows you to grow

Just straight out of the box you can create yourself the best digital entry point for your company at the cost of the effort.

Of course there are also tons of additional applications called extensions. They come as components (content), modules (ways of showing content as "widgets") and plugins (the trick box doing all kind of nifty things to make digital more pleasant.


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