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If your template has a file "templates/system/html/modules.php" you are ok. Else copy "modules.php" from "templates/system/html" to "templates/yourtemplate/html".

Open "modules.php" in "templates/yourtemplate/html" using your favourite editor or through the administrators template files editor.

Replace all




Attention! If you copied the system/html/modules.php you also need to rename all theĀ 

function modChrome_xxxx

to something else to avoid errors.

I myself named the functions

function modChrome_xxxx_alt

I used "_alt" as a suffix as I use it in a prefix later on.

Now save your altered "modules.php". Also make these changes to your template index.php file. Look for all styles and make the changes

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" style="html5_alt" />
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